Stealth gameplay in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – merely great, or best in class?

So I like a bit of the old sneaky-sneak in video games, and I find the stealth gameplay in Elite to be the best I've ever seen, specifically because of:

  • Multiple zone silencing on weapons
  • No immersion-destroying "hide the bodies" mechanic
  • Auth levels and automatic doors
  • Scans and casual encounters with guards/mobs
  • Non-violent and Covert mission options to ratchet up the difficulty level
  • Non-linear mission progression (i.e., in Sniper Elite IV you have to go to a very specific progression of villas)
  • Footie stealth missions that also require vehicle (ship + srv) stealth

In the extremely unlikely event I get tired of Odyssey, what else is out there with this sort of feature set? Difficulty: PC only.


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