Stealth loot nerf or something else?

I'm hesitant to label it the return of the "loot from anywhere in the map" hack just because I have no real evidence to back it up, but for the past week or so my group has only been running Shoreline. We have all the LedX keys and frequently leave raids with anywhere from 2-4 LedX's, with 1 being the absolute bare minimum most of the time. Today, however, we've ran about 10 raids, had the whole resort to ourselves, and not found a single LedX in any of the raids. Of course, this can be labelled as bad RNG but we've also noticed no Ophtalscope spawns, good stims, or other valuable items in the locked rooms we open (i.e empty treasure table in East 310). Med loot spawns, such as the shelf behind the door in 226 East that almost always spawn something have been consistently empty.

This in itself is weird, which leads me to believe it's not just bad RNG but some sort of rarity/spawn % chance change. I know in the past there were cheats that allowed hackers to loot anything from anywhere, as has been demonstrated by various videos from both victims and the cheaters themselves, but I don't have nearly enough confidence to say it's that. Anyone else having similar experiences or other ideas?


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