Steam player – login and link/verification code, every time?

Hi folks,

Been a steam player for years. Until recently, playing the game meant click on 'play' on my steam library, it'd take me straight to the launcher, and I'm playing.

Recently though, like in the last week or so, when I hit play from the library I'm instead greeted with a Frontier login screen asking for my username and password. When I provide these, it then sends me a verification email, supposedly to link the account. After entering the verification code, I am then taken to the launcher.

Guess I just wondered if this was just me and I had done something that caused the launcher to stop remembering me, or if this was something new with steam (and if everyone else on steam is seeing this…) It's not exactly a huge deal, but it's mildly annoying to have to go through the verification process every time…

Anyone else have this?


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