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Message from you on May 8 @ 11:23pm | 2 days ago
So today on the Saturday's Battlecup, I got again a team with basically 4 Russia trolls, and I suppose you can't really do anything about it, but I'll just try and report this problem by making this steam support ticket, even if it's useless. I still don't know if I can actually contact the steam support, or if I juts get some fake responses from the Russians, and it's more than likely that the responses I have gotten have been fake so far.

So all 4 players playing with me in this team are Russia trolls. That's all there is to it, and probably this is beyond what you can handle.Files attached: Screenshot 2021-05-08 232130.jpg

Message from Steam Support on May 9 @ 12:54am | 1 day and 23 hours ago
Steam Support does not have the ability to improve your match quality, but the Dota team is always monitoring game quality and interested in feedback from players.

The ultimate goal of matchmaking in Dota is to create a balanced opportunity for players to enjoy the game. The matchmaking system takes a number of factors into consideration when attempting to create this balance.

You can read more about the latest changes with this Ranked Season in the following blog post:

* Continuing Matchmaking Updates

If you think that matchmaking needs improvement and have ideas or constructive criticism, the Dota team welcomes feedback. You can post on your preferred social site where players are discussing Dota, or post on one of the more popular channels linked below. The Dota team reads these various social channels as it helps them understand and prioritize what issues are most important to the community.

Official Dota 2 Community Hub
Dota 2 Subreddit


Message from you on May 9 @ 8:47pm | 1 day and 3 hours ago
^ This has nothing to do with this

The problem is that I got into trouble with the Russian securit services.
You know the ones that go by the acronyms FSB, SVR and GRU.
This happened before I started playing DOTA.
It has involved online trolling.

When I started playing DOTA, I started getting "Russia trolls" in the same teams with me.
These "Russia trolls" are not necessarily from Russia. They can be from anywhere; Such as,
Brazil, UK, United States, Germany, Canada, Romania, Sweden, Finland.
They're civilians who the Russians have a grip on, and they just do these things because the Russians want them to do them.

You don't have the required expertise to determine that this is the case.
I don't even know if this message reaches the actual steam support.
The response I'm reading from you, might as well be a fake response, written by the Russians,
to make it seem like, my support ticket is reaching the steam support.

The match making system itself is just fine. That's not the problem. The problem is that the Russians hacked it somehow, so that they can make sure, I get to play with Russia trolls *only*. This isn't about balanced match making. I get people trolling me in these games.

Message from you on May 9 @ 8:56pm | 1 day and 3 hours ago
Also in this match at least Shadow Shaman is a Russia troll, I'm not sure what country they're from, but that's in a sense irrelevant.Files attached: Screenshot 2021-05-09 205520.jpg

Message from Steam Support on May 9 @ 9:29pm | 1 day and 3 hours ago
Servers are organized by geographical region, not by language.

We provide a filter that allows players to specify a language preference to the matchmaker, but there is no guarantee that players on your servers will speak the same language as you.

You can share feedback about this design directly with the Dota 2 team at [](

We also encourage you to share your feedback with the community, as we tend to make changes based on healthy discussions among players.


Message from you on May 11 @ 12:46am | less than a minute ago
You're clearly not reading what I'm writing.


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