Stolen Goods. Let me do what’s right, Frontier!

So a blip came up on your scanner. You drop from supercruise and you’re immediately surrounded by what USED to be a beautiful cargo vessel and all its beautiful cargo.

Now, you didn’t blow up that ship. You don’t even know who blew up that ship. And now there are hundreds of thousands- if not millions- of credits’ worth of supplies just doomed to float in the black vacuum of space… or are they?

Eden chimes in, “Cargo scoop deployed, limpet drone programmed” and you’re now well on your way to cashing in thos- WAAAAAAIT a minute. What’s this? An authority vessel has dropped in behind me? I better open comms.

“Hello officer, how are you today?”

“We have detected you are carrying stolen goods. What do you know about this wreck?”

“Oh, man. My bad officer lemme just frame shift drive charging jettison this cargo for ya. three hmmm… two Officer? I’m real sorry but one I can’t stick around engage

{Much screaming from the cockpit of the authority vessel}


Aaaand now you’re a wanted criminal bound for the black market because I mean, cmon, you’re not really gonna just fire all that nerve gas out the airlock, right? That would be a hazard to public safety. That would be wrong.

So my question is this- @FrontierGaming;

Why not let me have the choice to do the right thing? Why not let me turn in the stolen goods at the nearest station’s authority contact for a rep boost based on how valuable and quantitative the stolen goods are? Why not? Hm? Hmmm?

Maybe mark “recovered stolen goods” differently than “actually stolen goods”?


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