Stop getting mad at people killing you by being sneaky or holding a position

The whole "RAT" and "CHAD" thing is just a fucking meme, I honestly can't believe some people are dumb enough to take this shit seriously, choose a side and stick to it forever. Truth is, if you an experienced player in EFT you know that overall you NEED to know when being sneaky and be agressive. Having unexpected behavior will lead you to having maximum advantage over your opponent and the best example is, you guessed it: LVNDMARK. I know he is mentioned a lot be honestly he's just the best example of this, take a close look at how much sneaky he tend to be it's a huge part of his playstile and most of the time he is extremely succeful when making no noise.

I'm french and I'm honestly fucking sick of the french community being so fucking dumb about this. I'm gonna say it the EFT French twitch community is absolutely terrrible, if you like to play sneaky: "you don't deserve to get any kill", same if you like to snipe, or if you hold an angle for 1m you are a "camper". And people listen to this shit, hold W from the first seconde to the last, die like fucking retards trying to push green room on labs while 3 people are standing in it and blame them for "camping" while they were probably just looting it anyway.

Even in fucking Quake wich is the fastest FPS in the genre, pro players know how important it is to be sneaky when their oponent don't know their position. What makes EFT a great game is the freedom given to players to play how the hell they want, if you don't like this idea the game is simply not for you. Stop blaming other people, uninstall the game and play something else because it's never going to change.


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