Stop shitting on every cheat deterant idea. We only need the casual cheaters to stop

The sub is loaded with cheating and banning discussions and sooo many people are shitting on every idea. Guess what? There is no solution that will stop 100% of cheaters. Learnt to live with that…

But before you shit on Timmy's next idea or discussion like "HaRdwAre BaNs DonT WORk" , "PHonE RegisTRatiOn DoNT WORk" , "NiKiTA NEeds tO PerSoNalLy waTch EvERY RaID ReeeEEEeeE"

You idiot. You aren't going to stop the guy with a degree in programming, or the RMT seller making money off the game.

These deterants are there to stop little Timmy who sucks at the game and decided to cheat. He doesn't know how to get around a hardware ban…

Or little Timmy that used mums credit card to buy EOD and cheats and has now all lost that to an account ban.

Or chad that works 50 hours a week at walmart and only gets a few hours to game so he uses cheats to get those sweat rubles. If he has to start from scratch again and buy the game maybe he wont cheat next time or simply stop playing the game.

All we need is these people banned as a start and this will be a significant and noticeable change.

We aren't allowed videos, images or memes on this sub…. At least have a normal fucking discussion lol


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