Stop The Rain!!!

please make less rain

here is why:

-it is so unbelievible annoying to play

-literlally NOBODY likes it, NOBODY enjoys when you cannot hear anything in a game where audio is bad anyway

-if you have some sniper quest, you can just disconnect at the start because you wont be able to see anything in some distance

-there is no point in making it rain so much, no point ; i started quitting games because it was raining (yeah, have fun with ghost lobbies…. – not my fault) , its a thing that also had pubg to deal with and when they made it less or an option to chose it was fine…

-every e sport competition or competitive gaming platform or games would not let their games be played in rain, cause its really really bad

-you say fine its in russia, it rains a lot….? come on, you make raiders, guards and bossguards so difficult and not balanced so dont tell me anything about realism….

-its so bad, when it rains, people try to escape it and play more factory, interchange and labs…., does not speak for your game design when people are avoiding maps because of the conditions right

-and dont tell me its intentionally to balance out the maps i just mentioned…., because thats not true; it rains so much, i really cannot stand it anymore, i would move if i would live there

rain is a cool feature like sunrise, and night etc etc…


and yes i just wrote that because i just ran over a 3 man that was right next to me and we could not hear each other, literally 5 meters in front of me….


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