Strange visual phenomena/ artefacting on lines/ edges of ships and stations?

I'll preface this by saying Elite: Dangerous is one of my favorite games of all time, and one of the most spectacular and visually captivating games that is out there, I'll also acknowledge that it's not the only game with these issues. But man, I seem to be the only one who notices aliasing and artefacting lines in the game. When I mention to my friends who play they do not seem to know what I'm talking about (though i see it on their screens as well) It does look AMAZING and is one of my favorite games, but does anyone else notice that many textures, lines, and edges of ships and stations appear to be moving/ strobing/ artefacting much of the time? What I mean is, an edge or line in the graphics will appear to be 'strobing' while it is clearly a static piece of object that should not really move. I understand that it must be difficult to render a straight line overtop a near pitch black back drop, but couldn't some improved anti-aliasing remedy this? FXAA does not seem to have a huge effect, all be it better than the other options. Limits of the medium and hardware I suppose but jeez it irks me some times. Before anyone asks what I am playing on I'm using a 4k 120hz monitor and a 2080 Ti

I'll also attach a (poor quality) video of the main menu as an example

TLDR: I'm sort of salty because my incredibly expensive hardware still displays this game with some strange visual imperfections, and I wonder if improved anti aliasing being implemented would help



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