Stratagem tier list!

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I have a big problem with the cost of stratagem, however, that being said, I think they are great addition to the game and here is my ranking of them.

S Tier
1. Crystal skull – I liked it a lot before when it used to purify, but it ain't shabby with veil either. Seeing the latest statistics, I think community might agree in general.
2. Magic lamp – it provides the advantage without the risk on going tall, what is not great about that! Personally, I pray for this everytime I play radeyah

A Tier
1. Collar – how to irritate your opponent without making them forfeit, use this stratagem. The only good offensive stratagem, it acts as reach for your removal and a lock. While we would love for it to do the seperately, we have to learn to play with what we get
2. Engineering solution – it's like crystal skull but slightly weaker (in my opinion). It synergizes well with NR units and is still a very good stratagem.

B Tier
1. Tactical advantage – your run of mill, "make blue coin hurt less" card. Nothing more to be said.
2. Aen seide saber – despite having synergy with harmony and elf decks and being decent in other decks, it still feels like it lacks something to be called good. Maybe it could some buff but I am not sure where and how.
3. Tiger's eye – a highly underrated stratagem in my opinion. Even though it is very deck specific, it gives the edge to the faction by enabling their engines on blue coin without drawing out the setup.

C Tier
1. Enchanted Armor – the idea of this stratagem sounds cool. But I feel like it is more useful on red coin than on blue coin, thus negating the whole "advantage" part.
2. Mask of Uroboros – this card is going to comfortably sit in c Tier for the rest of it's life. I really don't what more the developers can do to make this stratagem better. Perhaps make discard Archetype better?

D Tier
1. Urn of shadows – I thought I should put this in C Tier but I am not too sure. It is way better now than it used to be but how often do you see yourself putting harpy eggs or rotfiend in your deck. It is one of those cards that will stay as it is because they do something different enough to warrant it.
2. Cursed scroll – it needs to generate a unit. Without that it won't see play. Simple as that

F Tier
1. Ceremonial dagger – whatever they thinking when they decided to change it. Not saying it was great before that but how does 5 bleeding give the player advantage in anyway? It needs to be changed.
2. Basilisk venom – another how to you make it work without making it OP card. The main reason for randomness is acceptable but it doesn't make this card any better. Just don't bother with this one.

So those are my thoughts. Let me know your below.

Edit: Corrected ceremonial dagger name from curs d scroll.


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