Struggle with map distribution specially on the early-mid game.

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So… as a midlaner, I find it really difficult to know where the team should play before the 12 minute mark, for example:

[Radiant]When we have a strong lane dominator in the offlane such as brood, beastmaster…. Should the rest of the team should play arround him?(excluding the carry, this MEANS he should be playing the bottom side of the map which is a really dangerous place to be in as the pos1) or should we let him alone and then play bottom to relieve pressure from the enemy team and not achieve any objectives(because rosh and outpost are on the opposite side) which also means the pos 1 wouldn't have any place to farm because the offlaner would be staying top and the rest of the team bot, and it's a really akward position.

Normally, as a pos 2, I migrate top to take that tower with the offlaner and HOPE for my carry to take that safe farm we just secured(if he doesnt for 3 min, I will actually start playing there idc anymore xdd)~~ and then we start playing for defending our bot tower, take their mid tower or defend ours, depending on the heroes and the circumstances while he is farming(he can join anytime if he has finished his farming patterns to maybe take their mid tower)~~~Affter that I almost always play for their tier 2 in the same part of the map as my pos 1(the only exception is when we are WAY stronger than them or they have some heavy farming hero that cant join them and we take their triangle) .The problem I've identified is when I begin to think about the quality of our heroes (as I mentioned before with our lane dominating offlane) or, for example, a hero that wants to play away from us, such as spectre or am, I don't really know if I have to switch my playstyle, I've watched a lot of EG games, and they do either of these two things but still I can't get the "secret":

-They keep their strong offlaner top, arteezy farms all the jungle from left to right and occasionally defends the bot lane only when creeps are pushing because he understand that lane is SO dangerous; while abed, icex3 and supps play top aggresively(in order to take top t2 and outpost).Arteezy can occasionally join when he finished his farming patterns.

-They move icex3 bot in a deffensive position(basically they don't take into account if the offlaner is a hero that wants to stay in his lane), and play normally as I would do.

P.s: Sorry for not the perfect english, I'm actually peruvian 😛


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