Struggling to keep playing this game (Ancient 4)

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I’ve been on an incredibly unlucky streak of teammates and I know I know “focus on your own game, not your teammates” + “you are the one consistent factor in your mmr” ect ect.

Lately though I have been getting people playing Lion Mid and just absolutely throwing against Broodmother. Zeus offlane while Spirit Breaker roams and Zeus leaves an Ursa free farming.

Meanwhile my enemy picks are completely normal safe picks that win them games whereas mine are always filled with people who pick offlane DPS or support mid and we just lose off the bat.

I get that this is supposed to happen to my opponents too and I’m supposed to win games and come out 50% because I should be winning from the same stupidity that i’m losing but that’s not the case. I really have been this unlucky on a streak probably of 8 games and I’m getting tired of it.

I love dota but when I’m constantly dealing with smurfs, account buyers and people who throw the game at the draft for their own amusement, it feels like this game is really doomed for me.


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