Stuck in the settlement interior, looking at my inaccessible ship…

This evening, I decided it was time to try my hands on some guns, participating for the first time in an on-foot conflict zone. But before, I wanted to test and configure all the on-foot controls, thinking I would be quickly defeated would I try that on the battleground.

Being at Reitner Arena (a planetary port), I got my ship out of the hangar and landed just a few kilometers out of town. Once on my legs, I began trying the different combat-related controls… and successfully one-shoted myself with a rocket launcher (I might have to work on my aiming before trying actual fights…).

To my surprise, I wasn't rescued to my ship… but to a prison megaship 50ly away. Seems like I accrued some fines while goofing around in my Dolphin before landing. But no problemo Alberto! Apex Shuttles are always ready to help a stranded CMDR!

So the jolly taxi pilot took me back to Alcor, approached Reitner, and landed on the pad. So far, no issue. Once out of the shuttle, I logically took the lift to concourse. From which 3 options are given :

– A lift to the personal hangars (of no use here as my ship isn't in the hangar, but on the ground outside the city).

– A lift to Apex shuttels (of no use, unless a taxi can drop me on the ground rather than at the port)

– A lift to join in a war.

So here I am, at the concourse bar's window, reflecting on my life in this absurd universe as I look at my ship, so close but out of reach.

Seriously, though, is there a way to get out of planetary ports? Like, a lift to the ground? And if not, I guess I could:

– Buy a ship and use it to get out

– Get in wing with a CMDR who would come to the port and get me out in his/her ship.


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