Stuck playing Customs all day

Does anyone else feel like Customs is the only map that is playable right now ?

If I play Tarkov I basically always run Customs Dorms/Reshala.

Interchange is too big and too dark, I can barely see anything making the map very unpleasant to play.

Factory is good for short runs in between, but well.. it's Factory.

Occasionally Woods works, but since it is now pretty popular I very rarely get any good rounds out of it because I started late this wipe and affording good ammo/armor is hard at lower levels.

Reserve I played maybe 10 times since it came out due to the lack of good extractions if you don't own the RR.

Shoreline is an absolute coinflip, since I can go rounds without seeing anyone, even at the resort, or I am getting mowed down by some fullgear team.

I am not even gonna start on Labs, since it is not in my Budget right now.

A lot of this comes down to the fact, that at a low Level good Ammo and Armor is basically impossible to get/ eats through your cash like it's nothing.

Weapon modding also kinda sucks, since some Key parts like Rails and Buffer Tubes are only available at higher levels or if even for 100 times the normal asking price on the flea market.

What can I do to break out of this loop and play other maps more ?


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