Sudden influx of people who magically know where you are?

Before Christmas, the wipe had been fine for me in terms of not encountering cheaters or sus players but since 2-3 days or so ago, I've started encounter way more people who magically know where I am or where to pre-aim even when I'm standing still making no noise. Anecdotally, I need to get kills in dorms for Jaeger so I'll sit in rooms that spawn open waiting for people to come through. I always wear headphones and go normal speed when entering, make sure the building is clear, then wait a few minutes. So far, I've been pre-naded by impacts in these random obscure side rooms twice, with the first nade always being into my room and nowhere else, as well as prefired on three other occasions out of maybe 15 raids. And this is just obvious instances, I've encountered a ton on other maps lately as well.

I don't like to seem like I'm "crying" or call cheats when they're not but this seems a little too coincidental to run across this sudden influx of sketchy individuals all at the same time.


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