Suggestion about changing “FIR” status – adding “Second Hand” and “Bought” status as a middle ground.


I have included a TL;DR, but please – to avoid confusion – read the whole post.

Disclaimer: By no means this is not a rant thread. I just would like to discuss the possibilities of improving the current FIR system in regards to quests and Flea Market. Also, I understand that this puts devs into a "more work" situation and I understand it. This is just a discussion and a suggestion to make the game more fun to play.


Divide Non-FIR into "Second Hand" and "Bought". "Second Hand" is when a Found in Raid item is brought in by a player (gear, items) or if a player dies with FIR item in the safe container – Second Hand cannot be sold on flea market but can be handed in for FIR quests (unless it's a special, defined otherwise, quest). Guns can still be sold on Flea Market irrelevant of their status (as it is now).

"Bought" is basically the current Non-FIR status. It is assigned when someone buys something from Flea Market or the Trader, it cannot be turned in for some quests and cannot be sold on Flea Market. Bought doesn't change to Second Hand if the player brings it in. Scavs: if possible/easy to implement, their loot in the pockets and bags is FIR, while their gear (vests, armor, guns, ammo) is Second Hand to simulate them "finding" loot like players do (reward for killing scavs, while not flooding Flea Market with gear). If not possible/easy to implement: their whole gear is FIR (less ideal).

Main post here:

Currently each item looted in a raid gains the FIR status, that means Scavs (and player scavs) spawn with FIR items, items brought in by players are not FIR, dying with items in your safe container loses the FIR item (even though it was technically FIR).

This leads to many panic situations, where players want to get out with rare items after 5 minutes, because they need the FIR status for a quest.

What I suggest is to add one or both of the additional systems: "Second Hand" and "Bought", together with Found in Raid. It all is up for discussion, but my initial suggestion is that:

  1. FIR status would be assigned by LOOTING items in raids. It still would require the Survived (600 EXP or 10 minutes) as it is now. Only FIR items could be sold on Flea Market. This status would also be granted by crafts in the hideout.
  2. Second Hand status would be assigned when a Found In Raid item was brought in by a player or if the player DIED IN THE RAID with that item in his safe container. Second Hand items CANNOT be sold on Flea Market.
  3. Bought status would be assigned whenever you buy something from a trader or Flea Market. THIS STATUS STAYS EVEN IF THE ITEM IS BROUGHT INTO THE RAID BY A PLAYER (it doesn't change to Second Hand). It also obviously cannot be re-sold on Flea Market (omitting guns).

Suggestion to change the quests:

Quests would now require mostly Second Hand or Found in Raid status instead of pure Found In Raid UNLESS it's a special FIR-only quest. For example: Make Skier's flashdrive quest accept FIR and Second Hand or Mechanics GPUs and other difficult to obtain items. Of course we can still allow some quests to be "any" item.

About Scavs: Their bag and pocket loot can be FIR, while their gear is Second Hand, to simulate them finding things in the raid. This way we still can get rare items from killing scavs, but making the player use the gear they found instead of selling them on Flea Market and flooding the market with gear.

This allows a player to get a quest item, put it in his safe container and continue the raid in hopes for more loot. If he dies – well, he cannot sell the item on Flea Market, but at least he can turn it in for a quest. This adds a middle-ground for quests and doesn't punish players for playing the game and staying longer in the raid. On the other hand – If you want to profit on Flea Market then survival is still #1 priority, but it doesn't hurt as much to die with a rare quest item in your container (that in the current FIR state is useless after death even in container).


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