Suggestion: Legacy Mode in future versions of the game.

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Hello, fellow vikings!

Since I read the last dev Q&A I've been thinking about how current generated worlds might not be compatible with future content, being under the risk of becoming unaccessible in future versions. Now, I understand such is the nature of an early access game and personally I don't think I'd be largely affected by this scenario. My own saved builds are fairly simple to replicate, but I see so much cool stuff here in this sub, with many that took several hours to put together, according to the builders.

I think if such is the case, it would be nice to have a "frozen", legacy and possibly separate version available for Early Access players, with the obvious caveat that it cannot support newer content, for the people who want to retain access to their creations.

(My apologies if this idea has been discussed here previously. I searched for posts and found none similar. I also figured the devs might've probably already thought of something as such, but it's interesting to discuss and gauge interest in the community, I think).



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