Suggestion to the devs to handle a problematic game situation: players running around in a big group and never separating

Sometimes players buddy up and just run around hitting all the tasks en masse, making it impossible for the imposter to catch anyone alone. This gets really frustrating when you're the imposter because no matter how clever you are, you can't avoid getting caught because if you kill the one guy who ran off they know it was you because… you weren't with the rest of the group.

To wit, a sabotage that forces players to run away from the vision of other players would be perfect. I don't know what you'd call it. Maybe proximity charges that get activated until everyone separates for a period of time? Brain worms that reproduce when they're near others?

It's simple: You activate the sabotage, everyone has to separate – and then you can use the ensuing chaos to snipe a kill or otherwise screw with people. It'd require some testing, but i think it'd be a good way to deal with an obnoxious playstyle.


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