Suggestions about SY and WotW Ng cards

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card


I'm not including all the balance that it needs, but here's a few.

Whoreson Junior: Reduce damage to 5, this way is a Skjordal for SY with the same condition being Devotion, but, because it costs 2 provisions more it keeps its versatility of killing 3 power enemies

Jackpot: Either reduce the provisions to 13 or 14 for its good versatility or give vitality instead of instant boost, that way over profit is slower


Mage Assassin: When summoned no longer deals 2 damage

Viper Witcher: Ability changed to "Deploy: Gain vitality equal to the difference between the number of cards in each players deck, Adrenaline 3: Boost self instead"
Power change from 4 to 5

Viper Witcher Mentor: Ability changed to "Deploy: Boost self by [0], increase this number by 1 whenever you play or summon a card from your deck"

Viper Witcher Alchemist: Ability changed to "Deploy: Spawn an Operative at the bottom of your opponents deck, At the end o your turn move 1 Operator from your opponents deck 1 position closer to their top of the deck"

Warrit The All Seeing: Power change from 7 to 2, ability changed to "Move a card from your deck tou your opponents graveyard, then create and play a Nilgaard card with the same provision cost"

Coated Weapons: Deathblow ability changed to "Spawn an Operator on your opponent deck and shuffle it"


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