Suggestions for a Ninja build in Canny?

I’ve been doing some missions in Canny Valley lately and I just feel like I’m falling behind. Husks do insane damage and sometimes I just can’t keep up. I play solo with randoms and would like to be able to handle myself since I can’t effectively rely on anybody.

My build is with Overtaker Hiro since I use all of his abilities. Bladestorm Enforcer I can most likely replace, I just preferred stacking the Kunai damage. Alchemist Sarah and Freebooter Ken are for that support smoke bomb that usually saves me. Razor I’ve been using for the 12 homing daggers that usually kill higher leveled bosses if the initial Kunai don’t.

Currently I’m at level 201 and 69 power. I could increase my survivor squad levels but that’s on auto fill so it randomly changes people on occasion.

Keep in mind I play casually and haven’t played story wise much. I mainly just do the daily challenges for V bucks. I recently got back into it to try and get the Storm King weapons but I know I have a ways to go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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