Suggestions for better gameplay.

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

Previous match performance +
Whenever opened Previous match performance+ icon and clicked a match it opens the match details. When clicked back at top left < (this icon) it doesn't bring back to previous match that was last opened. It should bring back to last match clicked and highlighted. If anyone wants to watch any other match details he/she would know where they were before.

Poor commend reward system.
Getting 15 commends and 3-4 reports in 15 matches decreases behavior score. Which needs correction. Players are not being rewarded for good behavior.

Giving avoid player option to every-one
Avoiding player for 1-2 days in a week doesn't give any benefit in all-pick matches but valve forces people to get dotaplus + to get this option which kind of a shit move.

Players going jungle at start of the game.
Players playing jungle at start forces carry or off lane to play solo 2 vs 1. Shift creep spawn time to 2+ minute so players play lane and gain 2-3 levels so they cant be stomped at lanes playing solo.

Re calibration after season.
As players rank/mmr reset is optional every season their behavior score and profile should also be allowed to reset so they don't have to make smurf accounts. This re calibration of matchmaking will have positive impact as players whom reported as smurf after reset can be much easily be calibrated to there skill levels in 15-20 games and these accounts should have a flair in the reset account.


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