Suggestions for the next update

  • improve the servers
    I get disconnected every five minutes and half the time I can’t even log into the game

  • give people more of a reason to stay as a crewmate
    Every time I play a game, at least one person leaves because they weren’t imposter (and another because of the bad servers)

  • after not being imposter for a while, have a better chance of being imposter next game
    After not being imposter for a long time, the game can start to get a little boring, especially playing online. This will give people a reason to stay interested and they probably won’t leave as much when they’re not imposter

  • an in game voice chat feature
    Voice chatting makes the game a ton more fun and it would be better to have in game.

  • more maps, hats, customization, etc.

  • more roles to play
    Like the mafia game there could be other roles other than crewmate and imposter. For example, doctor can choose one person to protect, detective can see one persons role per round or every couple rounds, captain, security, kid (just some ideas)

  • friends feature
    Whenever you get a super good lobby you can friend the people there and play with them again, also, you should be able to make a club or group chat type thing as well

  • watch games
    To watch streamers or you tubers, and maybe get a chance of being in a game with them, or watch your friends games and make fun of them


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