Suit and Weapon upgrade awkwardness

I’ll say right up front: I don’t have a problem with the idea of engineering your suits and weapons being a difficult task. It should be difficult so that it feels like you’ve accomplished something.

That being said, Odyssey has created an awkward situation in that adding a scope to a rifle is now far more arduous than engineering multiple ship-class lasers to deal out destruction 6km away. It’s easier to add 20ly of jump range than it is to boost your jet pack. Just to add an engineering slot to one of my suits I have to either search the galaxy for random crash sites OR shutdown 5 entire human settlements so I can take their power regulators. I’m not sure how you can make coherent lore out of this.

This isn’t a complaint post per se. I’m just curious about the thought process that went into these decisions. Clearly FDev felt that Horizons-style engineering was either broken or wrong in some way and chose this new system as a result.


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