Super fun/Off meta builds, critique my weird build and show me yours!

Hey commanders. I've recently been building a lot of ships around various themes or ideas that have been pretty fun. Not really making these viable against PvP or really even PvE, just fun themes or ideas. One of them was this one I recently created: (note: I have only engineered with what I have unlocked/care about engineering).

I wanted a ship that had advanced experimental brutal weaponry that was very hard to detect and keep track of.

  • Plasma Accelerators because they are really advanced weapons with experimentals that add to the theme: Dazzle Shell and Target Lock Breaker. Dazzle Shell makes the sensor hard to read and target lock breaker causes you to have to reaquire the ship.
  • Enzyme Missiles because it's an experimental alien weapon, bringing caustic DoT effect to an enemy ship. It's a reminder of the awful Thargoid wars bringing death and suffering to millions, but in twisted human adaptation.
  • An advanced missile rack with penetrator munitions to cause additional damage that someone would have to account for.
  • A low emissions power plant to tank my thermal presence, making me difficult to appear on sensors.
  • 2 heat sink launchers along with chaff and ECM to make me extra difficult to attack.
  • Bi-weave shields w/ thermal resist and Fast Charge to make it more annoying to bring me down, after having to re-aquire me as a target several times, possibly causing the shields to come back online more times.

I created this build with the idea of really frustrating someone. I plan on buying a pure black ship color to further blend in with space.

I thought it would be fun to try against another human player. Making someone constantly lose targeting, disrupt their sensors, cause module damage with penetrator munitions, AND apply a caustic effect as well as constantly pumping out heat sinks should sure make me a difficult to bring down ship. Kinda like a dodge tank lmao. I don't see it working well at all against any decent shield tank, but against something with weak or basic A-rated shields (no engineering), it should do passable. It'll struggle against even hull tanks due to no corrosive and lack of real DPS.

Anyway, what do you all think? And please, share some of your builds that are theme related or have some kind of cool intention to them. Promise I'll look at them all and comment ^_^


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