Super Unpopular Opinion: Stop complaining about Bitcoin prices and mid-wipe changes

Seems like all I see on here anymore is people upset because they joined the wipe late and now they’re struggling to keep up with those that didn’t.

Does it suck? Yes
Will it be more difficult to catch-up with recent changes? Probably
Do I feel bad about netting $700k+ a BTC after busting it to get my hideout up and running early wipe? Not at all. It feels incredible. I invested early and now I’m reap(IR)ing the benefits.

This subreddit has always been a little whiney, and I’m not excluding myself from those activities, but as of late it’s just people complaining about bitcoin prices being too high and inflating the economy. You’re asking for a permanent fix to a temporary problem.

Just. Grind.

This game isn’t supposed to be easy. At all.

You’re supposed to die to Scavs. They’re not supposed to be invalids walking around like shooting targets.

You’re supposed to have a hard time beating a geared out, higher-level player. They probably have more resources/experience than you do.

You’re supposed to die to extract campe- oh, what. That one is pretty terrible but still, can’t hate them for playing the game how they choose.

If a race started on the 1st and you don’t join until the 30th, you don’t get to complain that you’re behind.

Just. Grind.

And die. A lot.

And hopefully you’ll clap some cheeks along the way and get your own crypto empire up and running.


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