SUPER unpopular opinion…

Imma start off this post hot!

Extract campers don’t bother me in the absolute slightest.

I have been killed probably 20 times by extract campers and it sucks but also I’ve probably killed 20 or so campers as well. I really do think it’s a viable strat. (Btw forgot to add, I have never ever ever extract camped out of all the hours I have played…I personally think that sounds unbelievably boring and just isn’t my thing). Anyways. I completely understand ppl who get upset. They did all that fighting and looting to then die at extract. I know, it sucks. But at the same time, you can’t just put your guard down cause you’re close to being out. It’s like just expect ppl to be there. Ppl hide in bushes or hold choke points all game and nobody complains about that but because “I was so close” they get upset about extract campers. Like you got lazy, stopped checking angles or bushes and got killed for it.

Again, it is super aggravating, but I’m completely a fan for ppl who want to play like that. It keeps you on your toes from literally second 1 of getting in to the last second of getting out. I’m fine w it. Even tho Ik imma get so much rage in the comments (if anyone actually reads this lmao. I’m on the toilet rn so I had a few minutes to write this lol lmk ur thoughts tho. I just think it’s part of the game, so be alert.


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