Support questions (New player)

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Just started playing Dota this week after coming from LoL. I was a support main in League so decided to pick it up in Dota too, there are of course similarities in the role between both games but I'm struggling with a few new things.

I understand that the position 4 support is more of a roaming support rather than sitting with your laner but I'm unsure how I get experience this way? I always find myself alot of levels down from roaming.

Multiple matches my laner has told me to let him get solo xp in lane, now I understand how I do this but where exactly do I go? Do I go to the other side lane?

Should both support roles be buying wards too? Alot of the time I never get to buy anything but the sentinel wards because the other role is buying them all.

And can someone explain how tri lanes work and the purpose of them? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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