I have an idea for a game mode in among us called survivor. It works like this. The impostors took over the map and are roaming around. The thing is 1-3 crewmates are still alive. Once they find out, the impostors need to find out who survived. The impostors win by killing the survivors. The survivors win by sending a rescue team.

To send the rescue team, the survivors need to do certain tasks to try to contact the rescue team. After all tasks are finished, the survivors must wait 60 seconds for them to come.

Impostors need to kill the survivors, but they dont know who they are. They can kill other impostors, but thats a risky move. Each impostor can only kill one person.

Everyone can vent and use security systems. Survivors can go to certain rooms to report messages privately. Instead of reporting dead bodies, you can talk to literally everyone at any time.

Tell me your ideas/thoughts about this!


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