Survivors Disappearing instead of Collecting

So I wanted to cap my collection book, which I did. It is now level 1006. But the celebration was cut short, due to a game breaking bug that actually erases survivors, rather than adding them to the empty slot in the collection book. I was doing multiple at a time, and ended up losing FOUR hard earned survivors. It could take years to get them back. I know I did not retire them by mistake, as I was as careful as humanly possible in collecting them and making sure the book slots were empty. The bug may be due to a lag issue which when the system is in between collecting the survivors and erasing them, something happens which makes them disappear. I emailed epic games for over a MONTH trying to get the survivors placed back into my account. Their reason for not being able to was that I did not have sufficent evidence of ever owning the survivors, although I did provide proof of 2 of them being on my account prior to the bug. The bug ended up happening AGAIN a little bit before i gave up on trying to get the missing survivors replaced, and succumbed to the grim reality of survivors disappearing after trying to collect them. I managed to capture video footage of a FIFTH survivor going missing, which epic quickly re-added to the collection book in less than 12 hours later. However, they still refuse to make right the 4 missing survivors in which i could not provide video evidence of them going missing, as i did not know they had been bugged until later so could not record video proof of the bug happening that time. I am wondering if this bug has happened to anybody else? Is it just me that got robbed of survivors? Epic let me know in an email that they would fix the bug, if it had happened to many others. However, I doubt it has effected that many players, as it involves slotting and unslotting survivors to refund evolution materials, which i assume not many players do. I thought utilizing the collection book would work to my benefit, and became #40 in the unslotting cost leaderboard quite easily utilizing this feature. The missing survivors have kind of ruined it for me though. So has anybody else gotten screwed over by this feature too? With no resolution in sight? I heard from epic for weeks that they "were investigating the issue". I kind of gave up on it, but it still annoys me that my sets are now broken and epic wont help me fix them. I feel pretty robbed, because I was/am. It took me 3 years to get 80% ranged damage set bonuses from 8 squads of survivors with ranged damage. And 8 squads of trap durability. I didn't know I would be risking the survivors by collecting them, or I probably wouldn't have even done it. Now I know, they can just disappear, and if you don't record video evidence of it happening, you won't get them back. Here is the video of the FIFTH survivor going missing. It happens around the 3 minute mark.


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