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So how can I be better prepared for the swamp? I have fully upgraded bronze armour, sausage and other food, poison resistance potion and have beaten the Elder.

There's a swamp area just off the coast of my first continent, every time I land there I get swarmed by blobs, eels and drauger and killed almost instantly.

Ended up having to cheat to get my stuff back last time which felt dirty….

EDIT – Thanks for your help and advice, thought I'd summarise it here for anyone else…

  1. Use a mace
  2. Use arrows
  3. Do not enter the swamp by boat
  4. Build roads and/or bridges for quick entry and exit
  5. Keep stock of health and poison resistance meads
  6. Build sky-base in indestructible trees (with bed & portal)
  7. Go during the day, don't get caught unrested or at night

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/ov6uvv/swamp_help/

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