Sy buffs/rework ideas

witcher gwent cards

1) bank – I’ve seen people say add crime but that doesn’t change how crazy awkward and bad it is to play. A high rolly tutor that can actively lose you points is just bad. I would make it not spend any coins but search based off of the amount of coins you have and adjust the p.

2) make the 5p profit 3 do something by 3 crimes profit 4. saw someone else say this change and I agree

3) fallen rayla 11p 1str deploy play abomination profit 2 tribute 3 spawn two salamanders abomination instead. The current version is trash. Scuffed version of bincy looking ass

4)line of credit profit 7

5)moreelse tribute 4. He is too bloody expensive and shit as tall removal right now

6) blacksmith fee 1 boost by 1 and give 1 armor. lose profit

7) casino bouncers 3str 4p

8) Caleb menge 6str profit 2 fee 2 put bounty on enemy minion


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