Syndicate off meta deck

geralt tsirilla gwent the witcher card game gwen

Any one who is sick of both of Crown splitters and NG decks should test this deck out

the deck runs a ton of control and only goes tall with either Fence or Sea Jackal which are cheap bronzes and are used so you dont over profit the deck run allot of removal so you should be fine even if you are dealing with a 4 Joachims deck.

the basic strategy is Using cards like Sigi or Ludovicus so you can easliy gain 9 coins which will summon boat then in the next turn you play Fence which turns into a 10 point unit and because of your passive only cost you 2 coins.

In addition if you play first tiger eye will give enough coins to active Ludovicus tribute meaning you will have 9 coins and summon boat in turn 1 which then can be followed with Fence or Sea Jackal if you play second just use Fisstech instead .

A few tips its worth remembering both Azar Javed and Jacques would still give you 1 coin if you payed the tribute because of your passive so you can use it to active another tribute or set up Bloody Good Fun/Phillipa


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