Synergy between Devotion cards

witcher gwent cards

Obviously, synergy between the different devotion card is stronger, but is it necessarily better ?

If a faction devotion card synergies very well, there probably will only one deck using all or most the devotion cards like SK’s warriors.

On the other hand there can be anti-synergy between devotion card like with the new Torque and Eithnee. This anti-synergy between devotion cards has a weaker output, but allows different devotion deck within one archetype and more diversity overall.

And in between, when there is neither synergy nor anti-synergy, different devotion cards can coexist in a same deck (like midrange) without shouldering each other like Whoreson Junior and Jacques in SY.

Of course, all of this requires the devotion cards to be strong enough to deserve to push for devotion.

The ideal scenario would be a healthy dose of the three. I believe different factions have different needs and priority. Or is it not the case ? What do you guys think?


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