Tagilla not spawning, also fuck cheaters.

I’m currently loading into raid #12 in a row where Tagilla has not spawned. Just want to finish the task, but i guess instead i’ll just watch Jager finish on me.

On the flip side, i’ve been running level 4, no helmet, and half assed aks or such since he’s not that hard to kill. In these 11 previous raids i’ve gotten roughly 20 kills and am not dying much, just checking the entire map and extracting when no sight of tagilla. One raid i decide to throw on a slick/altyn and run a 40 recoil ak74 with igolnik because i had just died. That raid, the literal second i spawn in (not forklift area either) i’m instantly beamed through the walls and doors by 995. All night i’ve been rocking with a few legit deaths but the second i put on a high tier kit i come across a blatant cheater. With cheaters so rampant, there’s 0 incentive to using good kits. I’m level 40 right now, max hideout, about 20m and plenty of gear, but i’m continuously using half assed kits because every time i throw some good shit on i just get merked in very suspicious ways. BSG, do something about the cheaters. I love the game and really don’t want to see it get completely taken over.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/oqckkm/tagilla_not_spawning_also_fuck_cheaters/

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