Tarkov Ban

Tarkov B-word False Flagging

Recently I was b-word on tarkov for no reason. I understand that you have no right to believe me but its true, I bought the game on their site, originally payed for the standard addition and upgraded to the Edge of Darkness a few weeks later. I'm a very competitive person when gaming so I have a if I win its because of my skills and improvement. I've been playing for about a wipe and half, my stats arent crazy everything matches up with time played for example my kd was a 2.67 last time i checked, at the time of b-word i had 8 million with 1000+ kills 300 something of those being pmcs, 3 run through and 3 MIA and thats just everything i can remember by heart (i dont have access to my stats) Looking at all my videos i have video proof of me not cheating dating from 11/27 to 12/09 13 videos from then and now. I have no problem sending anyone the video proof stated above

What makes it annoying is that the real ch34ters who have zero skill they come on the reddit faking their innocence, making people who were truly falsely b-word like myself looked over and grouped up with the real hackers.

When i say this is the only thing that would remotely be sus, which isnt sus its just trolling and or being an asshole. I use to buy F-1 nades because idk common sense told me it looks like most common nade it must be best, but then when selling stuff to prapor i found that the rg nade was only 105k for 10 (the F-1 nades were 155k for 10) so every raid i would buy 10 nades because like stated before nades are op in this game, so i went into 3rd dorms from the side closest to construction thew 3 nades first floor didnt hear running, went to the stair case threw 2 on 2nd floor didnt hear running went to 3rd threw 2 of the railing messed up 1 nade, killed someone on top floor threw 1 nade right side and threw 3 left killed a 3 man,

Typing that out its not as suspicious as i thought it was, but you can understand why i thought that, i got b-word shortly after that though.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kf4tyf/tarkov_ban/

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