Tarkov Devs Can You Address The Hacker Problems?

I think 99% of your diehard game base does not give a flying shit about new content… I know the game is in Beta but we can't play your game anymore the hackers are just too out of control I mean you add a fake report button for a placebo slapping me in the face but you know damn well hacking is getting worse and worse I know between me and my 7 friends from discord we all quit the game and every once in a while we will play a run or 2 just to get hacked on…Like you guys have to understand our POV like we cant sit here wasting time on a hack vs hack game lol..

1: Can you actually ban some of these people

2: Will you please just add instant replay or some way to rewatch games like are you guys too scared that banning all the hackers kills your entire player base?? If thats the case have some dignity and take the L

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ip236w/tarkov_devs_can_you_address_the_hacker_problems/

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