Tarkov does something no other game can do

It creates an addiction so great that even when a grown man quits the game, he's still soo addicted that he sits on Reddit all day trash talking the game. This subreddit has a problem that I've never seen in other gaming subreddits. For some reason when a person quits the game they still browse this subreddit and constantly trash talk the game.

When you play CoD and decide that it's not for you and you quit.. Do you sit on the CoD subreddit all day for months at a time trash talking the game? No… No sane person would do this.. But for some reason because of how great Tarkov is, it creates an addiction that makes grown men do this.

This subreddit would become a way better place if people that don't play the game would just move on like you do with everything else in life when you get bored instead of shitposting. I've even seen these shitposters telling people that they should just quit Tarkov themselves.. it's like a cult.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/n1d8pl/tarkov_does_something_no_other_game_can_do/

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