Tarkov Events are cool, but should challenge high level players more and low level less…

I didn't actually realize there was an armor shortage event for a day or two. I found out on Reddit and only started feeling the effects of it after the third or fourth day. But I've got 72 million in the bank and a scav junk box full of armor barter trade items. With max traders, all I've got to do is set a timer on my phone and grab a couple rigs before they're all gone and I'm good for the day… If worse comes to worse, I've got 20+ TV-110's and ANA rigs in my stash used for extra storage that I could take out of retirement.

Meanwhile, every other post on this reddit is someone under level 20 or 30 who is going insane because they can't even buy a PACA at a normal price.

Maybe in the future, BSG should just put harsh limits on the top tier armor availability. Tier 5 and above shortage? It seems wrong for the rat rigs to be sold out 2 minutes after restock and inflating to crazy heights on the flea. I think it's okay for events to challenge the community, but I think the players struggling the hardest already are bearing most of that brunt.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qfsfnk/tarkov_events_are_cool_but_should_challenge_high/

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