Tarkov is becoming harder to enjoy


I've been playing Tarkov for the past year or so now with 3 wipes in. I am not a knowledgeable about Tarkov as I am a more casual player with about 398 hours online (I'm pretty sure this is counting when the game is running and not active game time.) I really enjoyed playing the game with my friends at the beginning, but as time went on everyone I knew who played stopped. I've been playing this game solo for this wipe and I realize that I just can't enjoy the game anymore. There are 5 major reasons why I can't enjoy the game anymore. First I will say that I know Tarkov is supposed to be a hardcore game, but I still want to share my experience.

  1. Bugs, lots of bugs, especially audio bugsThere are tons of bugs in the game at the moment. I know it is still in beta so it isn't supposed to be perfect and such. However, there are just far too many bugs that interfere with game play regularly. Audio bugs are the one that stands out to me the most. I have tried both steam audio and non steam audio and my conclusion is the same. When ever I am in a raid I always hear a faint clacking noise every minute or so. I always think its a scav or pmc so I end up checking around me to find nothing. I'm not sure what causes this. Another audio bug is with headsets. Some headsets compress audio or change the way audio is presented to you (which is some of the purpose of it I assume) however at one point using sordins, I heard my left and right as front and back. I also occasionally cannot hear footsteps at all. Even with headsets some people can walk straight up to me without knowing. The biggest problem I have with audio is the wind. I have no idea why the wind is constantly howling. It's a huge audio distraction and in reality wind shouldn't be so loud to the point where I can't hear footsteps coming from behind me. I don't know if it's intended for the wind to be really noisy but it does take away from the experience and makes the game extremely hard. For those of you maybe wonder, I do play the game at a reduced volume but not to the point where it's quiet. I do this because I have tinnitus and the game audio being loud actually hurts my ears. Also if you say lowering my volume is the major reason why I have a lot of audio problems, you may be correct. I do want to say that it is worrying if a game, that uses loud audio such as gunshots, is being suggested to have max volume for better game play. I can only say that.
  2. QuestsI don't have a problem with the game having quests for a progression. I do have a problem of how some of the quests contents. I just can't progress without spending hours on it or being extremely lucky. Quests such as finding 3 in raid gas analyzers halted my progression completely. It is almost impossible to find gas analyzers. I can only think of one map that has consistent spawns with them and that is Interchange. Interchange is infamous for rushing tech stores and I don't need to get into detail how that just makes it even harder for players like me who don't have the necessary skill or confidence to rush in and attempt to obtain one. Especially as a solo player. I will touch upon loot later in another point. But overall, having to find a gas analyzer is just impossible and halted my motivation to keep going. I wish we could craft gas analyzers in hide out.
  3. LootI don't have a problem with rare or high value loot. They aren't much of a concern as they are supposed to be rare and higher value. What I do have a problem with is loot that are related to quests. In my 2nd point, I said gas analyzers are extremely hard to find. I understand that gas analyzers have a chance to spawn in every map in jackets, loot crates, and stashes. I have looted hundreds of stashes (due to mainly being less skilled in combat so I avoid it) and never found a gas analyzer in any of them. It feels disappointing that I can't even spend more time looting to potentially complete a quest than having to fight to rush tech spawns. I wish the game could spawn more quest related loot at the beginning of the wipe everywhere or something more related to low leveled accounts spawning in a map with more of them. Then as they progress, the quest related loot becomes less and less common.
  4. Scavs and scav playersThis particular wipe has had even less scavs than ever. It feels like every time I enter a map such as customs or interchange, there are just no scavs at the start. This makes it hard for people to complete certain quests. Scav players have become a problem. They are spawning in way too early. Some as early as 5 minutes into the raid. It doesn't make sense that they would spawn so early. I have met more scav players than I have met actual ai scavs. This just makes the game feel off. Instead of having the time to decide if you want to take a fight with a scav for what it is worth, you have scav players running around the map like crazy making you think it is a pmc. You take a fight to only find out it's a scav player and now pmcs know exactly where you are and you die for it. I have no problem of this happening under normal circumstances. But this is happening within 5-10 minutes of the raid where scav players shouldn't be spawning in.
  5. Desync/LagPretty self explanatory. I do think desync has gotten better but it's still a problem. I've had moments where I died because of invisible scavs or players who kill me behind a wall because of desync or lag.

Overall Tarkov is still a good game. It has its own way of being fun, challenging, and competitive environment. But there are some issues like I have (personally) that makes me want to play less and less. I do want to remind people who read this post that I don't have qualifications to say what is good for the game or what is bad for it. These are just my personal experiences I've had with the game. You can say that the game is made for hardcore players and players like me shouldn't play the game if I am just going to complain. I am complaining but I do just want change for the early progression, not necessarily for the mid or late stages of the game. I think for now, I will stop playing the game. Maybe I am not suited to play this game. Hopefully changes for the game make it better for everyone. I do wish for the game to succeed, not fail. Thank you for reading this if you made it through.

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