Tarkov is one of the best games I’ve ever played BUT

BSG really needs to start fixing their game instead of just only pushing more and more content out that needs more fixing again. There are so many Bugs and Issues that have been in the game already for years and whenever they fix one of them it feels like they are adding 4 new ones with it.

Since I started playing it the Whats on the flash Drive Quest awards an SKS with a good Stock for early wipe but the Silencer in the reward is not compatible with the SKS.

Since I started playing you can encounter random AFK PMCs that have infinite HP they are only dead after restarting the game.

Always the Issues with Hitboxes that got multiple times "fixed" and the fixes always brought new problems.

Lighting on Interchange got fixed multiple times and we all know in which state it is in.

Now the Duffel Bags that are always spawning opened.

The scav Karma system that's completely fucked.

All the problems with Desync

Everything that got added to fight RMT only caused pretty much nothing else than the RMT sites still being fully functional and pushing Hackers off from Labs and now you encounter them more frequently on all maps.

Sound is completely fucked in the Resort this Wipe

They recently nerfed the hidden stashes in the last few days me and my buddys found pretty much always max 5 Items in them that were to 90% completely worthless and dogshit so Hidden Stashes are dead now. Another nerf that got obviously added into the game without prior testing

etc etc

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/oozff5/tarkov_is_one_of_the_best_games_ive_ever_played/

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