Tarkov is pretty much unplayable this far into the wipe.

Honestly, I've not had much interest in tarkov for about a month or so now, after I nerded a bunch when it wiped. I power levelled to 35-40, and kinda stopped playing after that.

Then I decided to wipe my character, which I had never done before, and I was immediately excited to do all the starter tasks, not be loaded with 80+ million roubles in my stash, etc.

However.. no matter how I keep playing, I keep fucking. dying. Always to level 35+ people running top of the line ammo, and way too good armour for me to deal with. Seriously, I've overall probably died like 90%.

In my opinion, they need to wipe more often. Last time it took them wayyy too long, and the game went on for like 8 months before wiping or something stupid? 2-3 months into the wipe makes the game pretty unplayable in my opinion.

Alternatively (which I can imagine not too many people will agree with) is to have some sort of matchmaking system. Because I'd love to be able to actually have a chance against other players when I keep running into them way too often.

(Also customs has way too many people, change my mind. Running into players 30 seconds after spawning, or running into a 2-3 man group and getting them all.. just to have the remaining 7 people on the map come after you, kinda fucking sucks.)

Oh also, I literally had to do what I was doing when I first started playing the game 2-3 years ago, which was to hide in a bush on customs for 15 minutes before making a move. Had some food and watched some videos while I was waiting, and it seemed to be the only solution to surviving a raid. (I think that ended my death-streak at 9 KIA's)

Downvote me all you want, since I can imagine this kind of post just brings out all the "gIt gUd" people in the community. But I for one, cannot enjoy the game like this. Even if I love it to bits..

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