Tarkov is the only “realistic” shooter game I know of where suppression means and does nothing.

I'm just gonna keep this post short and sweet, so here it is:

Suppression in Tarkov does not exist. Suppression means fuck all, most players aren't afraid of being suppressed. Suppressive fire barely actually suppresses players and means very little. This is the only "realistic" game I've played where there is hardly any fear at all of getting shot, and where suppressive fire does jack shit other than be entertainment for you, the enemy player, and give away your position.

In games like Squad and ArmA, it's a very viable tactic because people don't have infinite healing options, and it really slows you down, and also can cost the game if you die (and time). In these games, getting shot at actually means something, and being suppressed actually causes you to take cover and NOT want to get shot. There are also suppression effects to mimic the effect of being shot at. In Tarkov, it hardly does anything. Most people will just crouch, take aim, and fire one shot, as you've unloaded an entire drum in their direction without any fear of loss of life or taking a bullet.

Everyone has endless medical items stuffed away in their assholes to heal any damage taken, and there isn't really even any suppression effect in the game as there is in other games. Even GETTING SHOT in Tarkov has little to no negative side effects. There is no aim punch, no suppression effect, no audio suppression (cracks, whizzes) except for single shots (full auto doesnt produce cracks, only first shot does).

Tarkov is honestly the only "realistic" game I know of where getting shot at isn't actually scary and puckering, and all it does is tell you where the enemy is. Getting shot means very little except being a nuisance and reducing your healing items. There is no negative effect to being shot at. Getting shot doesn't even throw off your aim. Most players are just not affected at all by bullets flying near them except maybe new players who are frightened at the slightest sound.

BSG. pls introduce suppression effects and make getting shot at a bit scarier, and suppressive fire more effective… even if it's just more effective audio effects like louder / more realistic audio when taking fire. I request to improve the experience of being shot at.


https://youtu.be/kE8GvbJXUlE?t=13 (no chance of even being able to shoot back with all this fire coming in)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mjkdsk/tarkov_is_the_only_realistic_shooter_game_i_know/

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