Tarkov needs a late game.

So this is frequently discussed among my group of pretty consistent players who have hit 40 and are trying to figure out where to go form here. Its been a great wipe in getting to this point but basically the question is "now what". Between us we have 90% of quests complete, 100's of millions of rubles and are pretty much set financially for the rest of this wipe.

Tarkov needs a late game.

First i want to talk about leveling up… Past 40 with all the traders maxed, there is zero reason to continue to increase personal level. My suggestions would be maybe each level gain gives a flat skill point bump across the board or even more interesting would be one skill point you could alot to whichever skill you choose. Now of course this would need some balancing as im pretty sure 90% of the population would just dump it into strength, but you get the idea…make hitting that next level worth achieving for us hardcore's who will make it to 70 before the next wipe and who dont care about the next wolf/bear/bird symbol.

Quests.. there needs to be more, to 70 and beyond. (dailys? weeklys?) Doesn't matter if they are just busy work with subpar rewards but it give a desperately needed objective to queuing for xxx map. The mosin quests are a great example of what we should have for all the major guns category's. One idea i like is for every gunsmithing quest to reward you with the gun you just built, a preset build for that gun and an additional quest saying "get xx kills with this gun" (if you lose it you must build another) also something like PMC kills count for 3 and scavs count for one so you don't hit a wall (nothing more annoying trying to complete a kill PMC quest when you cant find any)

Game modes… While the game as it stands is great early wipe when you might encounter anything from a sweaty 5 man or a nakid solo mp5 and everything between, now that we are past the first 3 weeks, its pretty vanilla withc hatchets and m4's. The obvious answer seems new modes. Now we definitely dont suggest a battle royal or deathmatch but something more unique and akin to tarkov…

"Push the cart", "VIP" mode, Capture the flag… as im not a huge fan of this mode in most games in tarkov it would be incredible. having a objective to protect or attack would give purpose to movements and unique load outs as much as the game play, Rushing or setting traps and/or sniping caters to anyone's play style. Since there is no minimap this would require the cart/VIP/flag to have flashing lights and a constant audible noise for both sides to locate. Getting from one side of the map to the other, checkpoints to tour all extracts, or just some route that must be completed or denied.

PMC survival… Spawn an amount of PMC players together on a map (5-10) and a equal amount of scav players randomly placed. Neither can extract until the other is wiped out. The scavs have a ticket amount set (50? 100?) and are able to respawn again in random locations until the tickets reach zero or pmcs are eliminated, or time limit is reached (and pmc's win)

Ranked mode… this would be where the teams come to play. Would need to be 2-4 (dependent on map) squads pitted against each other winner takes all. Rewards could be losers gear or just ranking… great money sink for the late game players.

All Game Modes. Punishment for excessive team killing would need to precedent and all these modes should have single que to keep up population and along with premade so you can play with your tryhard team.

Additions to current. You can use any battle royal as an example, once you have seen everything and all the itterations of encounters can happen is when the fun (game) ends for a player. Adding things (could be quests) that mix it up for the players who start it and the players who are just going about there business on a map, modifiers per say. For example once a week, or purchasable, you get a flare gun that when shot into the air on a map and Killa and reshala helicoter in with some goons and cause general chaos, or a small percentage (less than 5%) of the time glukhar just shows up with 10 raiders and just starts a "purge" combing the map killing everything the come across. (Imagine the hatchling nakid running for car batterys when all this hell breaks lose) or maybe a new extract on top of interchage that summons a helicopter takes 5 minutes and alerts the whole map. TLDR anything to force people together for weird situations and interesting fights. as it stands im lucky to find let alone fight 3 players on any given map. I would gladly dump 1 mill into a "one time summing" of chaos and/or fun on a map. Also play with the PMCs allowed on the map, sure 90% of the time its 10-12 but on a small occasion throw in 50 (or whatever number the servers could support) for just the insanity it would casue.

I understand the game is beta and has some huge ideas where it will go in the future. Just hoping to share with the community here and get some input, maybe keep the ball rolling in the right direction. As many little problems and imbalances tarkov might have, the lack of endgame and burning out of things to do is the biggest issue from my lvl 45 semi hardcore perspective i want to play but don't know where to turn running around for 20 minutes just to find a 10 second fight is getting… daunting and i already feel like im ready for the next wipe. If you read this far through my rambling, mad props!

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