Tarkov RMT and hacking is very bad and will only get worse

In no way am I complaining about the state of the game, although I have some opinions on certain decisions and course of actions that they decide to take, the game is in its best position its ever been. With that being said, RMT is through the fucking roof and as a player who has played since 2018, there are more and more hackers every wipe. This is confirmed through multiple hackers that say every other raid someone has spawn locations, ESP, and other external info. While 1 in every 5 raids someone has walls and aim along with it. RMT is in a terrible state. I see so many low levels running insane gear as well as websites that are fully dedicated to Tarkov RMT only. Let alone all the other RMT websites that run other services as well. Once you get one contact into the RMT world, your set for life. These people do RMT exploits for a living. A patch comes out and they send their customers a message that it takes a certain amount of time and then they have it figured out. The only reason they need any time at all to run their "business" is because their hacks aren't working ATM. Once their hacks are up they load into a game with another friend or worker of theirs and wipe the labs raid full of players and raiders. This method will never not be broken unless they crack on the anti-cheat. I see so many games get ruined because their method of dealing with hackers is half-assed or its non-existent. This also ruins the complete purpose of labs. You can not even run labs for more than 3 raids without it getting ruined by hackers. You could argue that they make so much money that they choose not to deal with hackers because it forces people to buy new accounts but that doesn't constitute when it comes to RMT. They NEED to fix RMT for their game to go where they want it to. These hackers/RMT traders don't care about the account, the buyers do.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p1x0b8/tarkov_rmt_and_hacking_is_very_bad_and_will_only/

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