Tarkov shooter part 8 can go ahead and just fuck right off

Edit: I completed it the raid after I wrote this rant. I changed from my USA servers to EU servers where my ping was 4x normal. 3 kills in 5 minutes. In and out in less than 15 total. Sorry for the high ping shots guys

I am so tired of this quest. Last wipe was the first and only time of my 4 wipes that I was able to complete this stupid thing.

This wipe, it's even worse. With the woods expansion, so far I have only ever seen 2 PMC's on woods in one raid. Never 3. Almost every raid I find one and kill them, search for 35 minutes and then leave.

TWO raids I saw 2 PMC's. I killed both, again another 35 minutes of searching and extracted with 2 minutes left in the raid.

I've tried setting up shop in different areas to scope both the lumber mill and one of the main camps near there.

I've tried roaming the entire map , chasing every gunshot that I hear.

I've tried camping schturman as he spawned, waiting for him to laser onto someone so I can figure out where he's shooting to kill them first.

I've tried camping one spot, able to see schturman's box in case people brought keys in.

I've even tried faking that I'm shturman to lure people in

Because there are quests that push people to other areas of the map and it takes such a long time to go one side to the other, the stars have to align for you to complete this monstrosity.

While I dont love every quest in this game, THIS SINGLE ONE makes Kappa not worth the hassle.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lp66me/tarkov_shooter_part_8_can_go_ahead_and_just_fuck/

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