Tarkov Shooter part 8

Dear reddit, any tips for this task? I've ran like 20 or 30 Woods raids in a row now, just to get it done. I often get 2/3, but cant find the 3rd due to the size of the map and complete silence on the map.

I never played with bolt action rifles in any game. It makes it even worse, seeing how bad bolt action rifles are in general. Theres literaly no reason to run a SV-98 over an SVDS. If you miss your first shot you're most likely dead.

I sometimes get a spawn kill, making it 1/3, then i find 2/3 somewhere nearby. After that its just impossible for me to either: find 3/3, or manage to kill 3/3 because due to me rushing from on end of the map to the other end of the map I either run into 2-3 geared players with automatic weapons or I dont find anyone at all. Then again, camping a certain point of the map puts you into the risk of players either already not being in that area, or you might get a kill and trade in several pmcs extracting from the map.

Im extremly frustrated with this task and it just is not my playstyle at all to stay in a position for 30 minutes waiting for people to come. Then theres the huge possibility of no one even coming at all making you waste 30 minutes of your time.

How did you guys do this task? It's making me quit the game altogether.

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