Tarkov Stutters and My Experience With Them

This summer has been a fun one, we had a wipe and a new patch implemented and I cant wait for new guns, bosses, and new maps. But there has been a bad side to all of this for me. Right when summer started I took a 2 week trip. Tarkov wiped while I was gone. I'm filled with joy as I boot up Tarkov because I get to play my favorite game again. As I'm booting it up I think to myself and hope my settings saved. As I looked through them it did not look any different, although I may be wrong. I go into my first raid an BAM I have around 10 fps running through customs. The game was utterly unplayable. I was extremely upset with this. After that I played Tarkov very rarely. Occasionally when I ran through maps I had a perfect game. I had absolutely ZERO stutters. Other times I got into a raid and just left immediately. It was horrible. I tried everything. Watched too many videos to count, read too many threads to even remember and rummaged through countless solutions to no avail. I was desperate. I kept on hoping that after a flawless raid there would be another good one. It never came. Only today was I able to find a thread that suggested turning off binaural audio. I scoffed at the idea because I have been playing with Steam Audio since the beginning. I kept on reading through the thread and the testimonies. I was all out of hope at this point. $125 wasted on a game that stutters. I thought to myself "Eh, whatever might as well try". It worked I have noticed no stutters yet and I have been playing pretty happily so far. There is one thing though, I'm not used to having steam audio off. I am happy that Tarkov no longer stutters but I am very disappointed that I had to turn of steam audio. I decided to write this post in hopes of the members of this subreddit having a different solution. If you have anything at all that might help, please comment I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and I hope the next person you drop is a stacked Labs chad.
(PC Specs(I'm on a gaming laptop))
-RTX 2070 max-q 8gb
-intel i7 10th gen @ 2.60ghz
-16gb RAM
-240hz 3ms monitor
(in game)
I hope this info helps!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pjvlb3/tarkov_stutters_and_my_experience_with_them/

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