Tarkov TTK is a JOKE

PVP in this game is so far unrealistic its AMAZING. People TANKING 10+ rounds ALL GOOD AMMO with lvl 3 vests and under. Idk how tf this game can manage to be SO realistic and at the same time the PVP is so UNREALISTIC. You tarkov fan boys can try to explain the bullshit however you want bro. People taking 10+ direct torso hits that's getting through the armor. Swear to god, it WAS a lot better just a couple weeks ago. People were dying in a REALISTIC amount of damage. You know, 6 maybe 7 shots to the mid section at MOST. For a little bit you didn't even HAVE to run around on full-auto. SEEMED like the game was starting to reward careful planning and ACCURACY. Ya know a little thing called TACTICS. I thought this was supposed to be a "realistic combat simulator". It seems more like the ending of scar face with everyone tanking ridiculous damage like they just snorted a pile of coke. Fuck that, almost every time I get into a gun fight now, they take 5-6 direct center mass shots, hearing them grunt and take damage and blood splatter left behind them. To get away behind cover like they already didn't fuck up and should be DEAD. Meanwhile it sure seems like anytime I take damage, Be it with lvl 3 or lvl 4 armor, Shit definitely kills me QUICK AS FUCK. Not to mention the games are all feeling generally laggier, and the little annoying bugs like when I try to move an item from one spot to another it freezes the image of what im moving in place, causing me to back out and reopen my inventory cause the shits over here getting aggressive herpies all up in my stash. I LOVE a game where it doesnt matter what kinda tactics I use, People manage to somehow just NOT DIE. Even tho im using GOOD AMMO, and GOOD GUNS. Doesnt fucking matter, apparently everybody is million ants man from rick and morty and can just take a wave of gun fire to the chest and back around a corner and insta heal it all away. GREAT.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hhlp3a/tarkov_ttk_is_a_joke/

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