Tarkov vs the milsim people – some observations

So this is probably something that would be better off posted somewhere for the devs to read, but whatever, just wanted to hear you opinions.

I have talked to some people who play those other realistic games. I have a long history with Arma, Project Reality and even some Squad, so I decided to chat the few friends from those games and ask who plays Tarkov… Welp. Turns out nobody.

Here are some highlights:

– it's too much 'perversion' – no idea what the dude had in mind, likely all the gear and loot stuff, the fact that you have to worry about what ammo and to drink water and shit

– Russian dev, not thanks – same person plays DCS, nad I have too, I know what they mean, but hell after 3 years I think now, Tarkov is quite playable, DCS… uh, depends on what you fly.

– They prefer Squad as it's more of a social shooter – that I can't argue with, Tarkov is super fun with friends, but it's not a game that will help you meet people, make friends and so on.

– I prefer WWII – yeah this probably can't be argued with

– Don't like dying and having to wait to get back in there and kill the guy who killed me – that is actually something I feel myself very often. The only solution I can think of is to be able to start a scav run without disconnecting from the game, also as an opportunity to get back at least some of your shit (kinda like-Dark Souls thing).

I'm actually surprised, I though these dudes would be all over the game, so I could have someone to guide my noob us to the exit, but noooo.

For me, what sets Tarkov apart from other tactical shooters is the armor system, the gun-porn 'system' and the environments. You ever noticed playing Squad or Arma or whatever that when you enter a building, it's empty? It's just there to serve a purpose, no table no chairs… oh well I guess the people who used to lived there took everything and the kitchen sing. I haven't seen a single toilet in Squad or Insurgency ever. Where do these people take a shit?!

Also, compared to Squad I don't have to listen to someone pretending to be and army captain, damn, it's worse than Arma in that game.

Anyway, you guys got any ideas to convince those teamplay-loving dudes to come and play?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/j26owb/tarkov_vs_the_milsim_people_some_observations/

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