Tarkov working through the kinks with the economy is a great lesson on world markets.

I think the economy and the affects of the changes and events that BSG are putting in is some of the most interesting learning we can have for real life markets. Yes supply and demand are big things we know but take for example the most recent event with armor. This post from a lad who talked about having so much money and saved up gear that he didn't even know there was a shortage for a couple of days. I think a lot of the changes that are going in currently are to retain players through wipe as long as possible. So these events although affecting everyone have actually very little affect on the people that have a bunch of shit already.

I am curious how much money people have and what they thought of the armor shortage.

For those of you that are rich AF – How did you go about getting up to 50+ million? Are you still able to make as much with the dynamic loot changes? What is your total cost of stash? Are you still having fun with the game even with money and gear being a non-issue?

For those of you that are dead broke right now – What is your current level? Have you quested or done any hideout upgrades? How many wipes have you played?

Currently I'm at level 41 with all but Ragman and Fence at max level. I have 2.5 million rubles with a majority of my income being hideout crafts. My total cost of stash is 37 million. looting is not my main goal anymore on PMC just because of crafting items I can sell pretty easily. With the price of BP being so high, its pretty easy to sell a couple rows of that out of the ammo box and make a good chunk of money.

I know most people would say I'm broke but I would say I am more middle of the road. This is my 3rd full wipe and the past two I had over 20 million rubles when wipe day came and they tanked the market into the ground. So it felt like a waste of time constantly min/maxing in raid and dying when I had enough money anyway and should have just been worried about killing shit or the quest I am on.

The newest event was interesting but not unbearable for me at my current state. Having decent ammo is half the battle. I don't mind throwing a set of Raybench's on and rolling out with a pocket full of some BP and an SKS. I would have liked to run armor sure, but I didn't miss it all that much.

Anyway, curious to hear from you all and may Prapor always bring back your insurance.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qgigtb/tarkov_working_through_the_kinks_with_the_economy/

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